Tired? Fatigued? You’re Not Alone, Millions of People Suffer From Candida Overgrowth Worldwide…

CandidadetoxCandida Albicans is a fungal yeast. It is present naturally in the human gut; everyone has Candida Albicans living within them to some extent.

Our gut is also full of natural bacteria that feed on the yeast and keep levels to a low number to stop it from becoming a problem. When life is good, this yeast is in balanced.

The problem starts when your life-style, diet, or stress levels cause this yeast in your gut to grow beyond normal levels and spreads throughout the gastrointestinal tract, into the bloodstream and from there throughout the body.

Once it’s loose in your blood-stream, the real trouble can begin because the yeast can turn into a fungus that can cause a wide variety of problems. Candida often goes undiagnosed, and is still widely unrecognized by large segments of the medical community.